Friday, April 22, 2016

Inspired by the Masters


      Road to Calvary by Diarmuid Kelly

                                           Road to Calvary- oil on canvas - 22" x 28"           

 I completed this piece early last year. To say that this was one of my most challenging pieces is an understatement. I carried out extensive research on the techniques and paintings of the masters from the Baroque time period. Caravaggio's paintings have always fascinated me, even from a young age. When I viewed the movie " The Passion " several years ago it reignited my interest in the this time period and (although brutal)  the way of life depicted. What surprised me most while painting this piece was how it effected me mentally during the painting process. I had to step away from my easel several times. I had to place myself there, in that time period over 2,000 years ago for the piece to work. I had a hard time dealing with painting the type of cruelty being inflicted. To be honest I had to tone down the piece from my original concept which was based on accurate accounts of scourging which was a popular public form of humiliation and torture. We see paintings with similar subject matter in Galleries and museums and sometimes I don't think we think enough about what's actually happening in these pieces. The knowledge I have gained from this piece has been invaluable. It has also taught me a few things about myself as a person". 

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